Monday, March 5, 2012

My Future.

Recently, I have been thinking so much about what I want to be after I graduate college. At first, I had my mind set on becoming a first grade teacher because I love children and playing with them and helping them learn. I just knew that is what I was going to do! Well, now that I have been thinking about what else I could do, I've came to the conclusion that I want to major in Psychology and minor in Counseling. I find the study of the brain and how the brain works so interesting! Plus, I love helping people with their problems. I have also considered counseling mentally challenged children. I'm not sure if there's a degree for that, but if there is, I would love to have one. I have a cousin, Rachel, she is so beautiful. She is truly a gift from God. I am a  few years younger than her, but I've heard so many stories of when she was born and how she wasn't suppose to live. She is 21 now and still smiling. I have no idea how my aunt, uncle, and cousins did it. It amazes me every time I see them or even think about what they have all went through. (i know i'm a little off track here but oh well :] ) I can honestly say I have one of the strongest families I have ever met. They are all full of joy and laughter and love. I just hope to be as amazing as they all are.  This is exactly why I changed my major and thought I could help so many more people, because of how strong my family is.

The next step in my life is graduating college. I absolutely cannot wait to be done with college and get my degree and start my life as a counselor/therapist. I plan to get my Doctrine's in Psychology. That'll take me about 8-9 years, but it'll be so worth it. One of the main reasons I am getting my Doctrine is because I want to give back to my family as much as they have given to me and more. I mean everyone. Including, my parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunt, and cousins. They all deserve the best and I hope one day that I can give that to them and more. I think it's safe to say that I am a family person. Without them, I don't know what I would do! They have made me who I am today and I couldn't be happier :) <3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012
Okay, so who knew living with three other girls would be so disguting?! Oh my gosh. It's horrible! I am a clean, neat person, but when I walk downstairs and see all the dirty dishes and the floors are muddy, I get so angry! I mean honestly, who doesn't clean up after themselves? Especially if you're a lady. Like come on girls, GET IT TOGETHER. Oh don't even get me started on their rooms and the trash! It's repulsive. Ew. Plus the dirty dishes still have food in them! Gross. Gross. Gross.

On a brighter note, I got a new roommate who shares a room with me. She's really nice, but also very quiet. I'm happy she's not a wild, party girl. I can't stand those people! I'm very glad we get along well!

"It's time to make a stand, to put your heart in greater hands." --Phil Wickham :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


Jan. 23, 2011

Where do I start?! 2011 went by so fast! I can't believe I graduated and I'm already in college! At first, I was worried I would hate it here in Levelland/Lubbock, but I love it here! I love being around Jamie and hanging out with him a lot. I was worried I wouldn't make any friends, but I have and I'm so happy I met the people I did. When I first moved here I was terrified. I cried myself to sleep almost every night because I'm so far away from my parents. I am so close to my parents and now that I'm not with them everyday, it is really hard. But, whenever I go home, it makes me realize how much they truely mean to me and I'm so luck to have such amazing parents! It took me about a month to get over the crying, but once I got over it, I started meeting new people and kinda forgot about missing them. Of course I still miss them, but I love being on my own. It's hard especially when I don't have a job or money, but my parents support me the best they can and I'm so thankful for that! I love them so much!
With this said, it's about time for me to go to bed..I have an 8AM tomorrow (YUCK)

--Courtney :)